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Breaking: Man accuses Edo deputy gov of stealing his $250k diamond wristwatch, petitions IGP (video)

A Nigerian man has accused the deputy governor of Edo state, Phillip Shaibu, of ‘’stealing’’ his Daytona Gold wristwatch. 


In a video making the rounds on social media, the man said before the general elections, he and some other persons were allegedly ‘’abducted” by security agents attached to the deputy governor who took them to Benin City and ‘tried to forcefully plant a gun’ on them. He said they resisted, but during the scuffle, the security men allegedly took his Daytona Gold wristwatch with diamond studs on it, alongside his diamond ring.

He further said that after their capture, he wrote his statement claiming that his Daytona Gold wristwatch was taken from him by Phillip Shaibu’s orderlies. He said his fingerprints were taken but after a detailed investigation, it was discovered that the gun wasn’t his, however, his watch was never returned.


According to the accuser, weeks after the incident, he attended “Afenmai congress” in New Jersey, U.S. where he allegedly spotted his said wristwatch on Edo State deputy governor, Phillip Shaibu.

‘’To my dismay, this year, about some few weeks ago, I went to America. I was in New York and I got to hear that there was this Afenmai congress in New Jersey. To my surprise, I saw Phillip Shaibu with my Daytona wristwatch with my name on it. I wanted to embarrass him but I was asked to slow down and I should take the matter because it was outside the country and it will not be good for such a thing to happen.” he said


Man accuses Edo state deputy gov of stealing his $250k diamond wristwatch, petitions IGP (video)


He said he kept his cool because they were outside the country, but when he returned to Nigeria, he reported the matter to the police. He said the state police has not acted on his complaint, so he had to proceed to the police headquarters in Abuja to file a petition.


He vowed to collect his wristwatch from the deputy governor and embarrass him anywhere he sees him.


The deputy governor is yet to react to this allegation.


Watch the video below