Emirate government has declared Thursday, August 12 as Public Holiday.

The Publisher Nigeria reports that the United Arab Emirates has declared Thursday, August 12 as the Islamic New Year (Hijri 1443).

This online news platform understands that the date was confirmed by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources on Wednesday in a social media publication.

“With the Hijri new year holiday being shifted to Thursday, residents can enjoy another longer weekend this month,” the announcement on the verified Twitter handle @FAHR_UAE reads.

The tweet added: “Hijri New Year Holiday – carried over – for the year 1443 in the Federal Government will be on Thursday, August 12 – FAHR (@FAHR_UAE) August 4, 2021.”

Meanwhile, News Online reports that the United Arab Emirates, UAE, on Tuesday announced the lifting of the ban on transit flights from Nigeria and five other countries.

The National Emergency and Crisis Management Authority (NCEMA), in an official post on Tuesday via its Twitter handle, noted that the ban suspension will take effect from Thursday, 5 August.

The countries where the flight ban had been lifted, News Online understands, include India, Pakistan, Sri Nepal, Nigeria, and Uganda.


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