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TB Joshua:Nigerian Senator Bombs Rev. Okotie,Other Christian Leaders

A former Senator representing Ebonyi North Senatorial District, Anthony Agbo, has berated Rev. Chris Okotie over comments he made against late Prophet TB Joshua.
The Publisher Nigeria recalls that after the death of TB Joshua, Rev Okotie had in a post on Facebook referenced to a certain ”wizard of Endor” who assumed the title of ”Emmanuel”.

Okotie, a former presidential candidate, had said the wizard who assumed the title of Emmanuel had been consumed by divine indignation.

His post came days after a clergyman, T.B Joshua, who was known for using the name ”Emmanuel” in his church, died.

Reacting in an article on Wednesday, Senator Agbo wrote: “This Pastor had always attacked and condemned TB Joshua when he was alive.

“Reading about his inglorious descent to mocking the dead Saint even at his death, I immediately remembered the story of Theagenes of Thasos, a celebrated ancient Greek Olympian who was the overall champion of Olympic games in 480 B.C.

“When Theagenes died, the Greek city of Thasos erected a giant statue of him at the public square. But a jealous citizen of Thasos who hated Theagenes so much for his heroism and great success will visit the statue every night to flog, beat and spit at it, yet he was not satisfied.

“Then one night he took instruments and began to dig the statue so as to bring it down. But the statue fell down upon him and killed him.

“The people of Thasos still erected a bigger statue for Theagenes. I leave this little story for that beloved Lagos Pastor. Envy, jealousy, hatred are great evils, moreover when associated with those who are supposed to be teachers of the word. But for TB Joshua, ‘the son of man must go as it is written of him’.

“Ecclesiastical history has shown that often, the greatest appears momentarily to light up the dark corners of human horizon, and then shortly disappears in a cloud of glory.

“Our master and Saviour, Jesus Christ stated in the scripture that among all those born of women, that John the Baptist was the greatest. But we recall that John the Baptist was beheaded by King Herod just in his 20’s. In today’s christianity, the “High Priests” would have declared that John the Baptist was not of God, having died such death.”

He also noted that what he described as ‘spiritual pride’ has been the bane of Christianity in Nigeria.

According to the former lawmaker, some top minister sees themselves as bigger and better than the others.