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Insecurity: ‘Service Distruption Notice’: Is MTN Having A Laugh?

MTN Nigeria has failed to confirm the allegation that it may disrupt its services in some parts of the country due to rising insecurity that may have affected the telco’s operations.

When contacted to confirm the allegation, its spokesperson, Funso Aina failed to respond to Nairametrics’ calls and messages.

MTN Nigeria had reportedly stated that it may disrupt its services rendered to some of its customers across the country, as the rising insecurity affects its operations.


This was confirmed from a message the South African-owned Telco giant shared with some of its customers on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

It stated, “Sadly, we must inform you that with the rising insecurity in different parts of Nigeria, service delivery to your organization may be impacted in the coming days.

“This means that in some cases, our technical support team may not be able to get to your site


What you should know about the proposed disruption

  • MTN Nigeria is the first telco to admit that the rising insecurity could affect telecommunication services.
  • Nigeria faces increased insecurity across the country – from mass abductions at schools, kidnappings for ransom, armed conflict between herdsmen and farmers, armed robberies and various insurgencies. This development has adversely affected the growth of the economy and limited job creation.
  • MTN, which is Nigeria’s largest mobile phone network, had 77.35 million mobile subscribers, accounting for 39.5% of the total subscriber base in the country, as at end of February 2021, according to Nairametrics.

Culled from Nairametrics.