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Gani Adams Speaks About Using Traditional Method To fight Insecurity

Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Gani Adams on Monday urged the leadership of Nigeria to fight insecurity with traditional method.



He gave the counsel on Monday at the 2021 Odun Aje (Wealth) Festival at Orile Agege in Lagos.

The leader of the O’odua Peoples Congress (OPC) berated federal government on the current situation of security nationwide.




Adams also commended Southern Governors for their ban on open grazing.

“We totally support the position. I feel sad at the spate of insecurity across the Southwest. Kidnapping, banditry and killings have since been the bane of our region.”

Noting that open grazing is old and not in line with the 21st century, he said the practice had created more problems.

“I wonder why the federal government is bent on going against the wishes of the people. In the last few years, Nigeria has been in the news mostly for the wrong reasons.



“The insecurity is alarming and increasing. I think we need to tackle the menace, using the traditional approach and global template.”

Adams lamented that the government has failed to unravel the mystery behind the various security challenges.



He accused the the authorities of creating instability and lack of cohesion among the various ethnic groups.

“Things have gone wrong and it is beyond everybody’s imagination”, the Yoruba leader fumed.