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What Bill Gates, Warren Buffet And Mark Zuckerberg Think About Investing In Crypto

Cryptocurrency is, without doubt, the rave of the moment and every money savvy individual out there is hopping into the crypto train. The digital currency has dominated the headlines for many years now and a lot has been said by analysts and smart investors.

Today we want to look at what top business leaders and billionaires have said about investing in cryptocurrency. For this, we will look at the opinions of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet. These men represent the 4th, 5th, and 7th richest men in the world respectively.

What Bill Gates thinks about investing in cryptocurrency
Bill gates is the CEO of Microsoft and was once the richest man in the world. He is currently the 4th richest man in the world and he is surprisingly not a big fan of cryptocurrency.

According to CNN in a recent live chat interview on Clubhouse, he revealed that he does not own any Bitcoin and won’t be investing in it. He said he preferred to invest in companies “that make products,” citing malaria and measles vaccines as examples.

He also advised people not to emulate the likes of Elon Musk who is a multi-billionaire when it comes to investing in crypto as he has lots of money and can afford to lose some. He revealed this in a Bloomberg interview.

What Mark Zukerberg thinks about investing in cryptocurrency
Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the biggest social media platform in the world. He is the 5th richest man in the world and so far, he has made positive remarks on cryptocurrency. Facebook initially tried to launch its own cryptocurrency called Libra. Not much has been heard from the company with regards to that. The latest news is a rebranding attempt on Libra which is now known as Diem.

Mark Zuckerberg in 2018, stated that the technology powering Bitcoin could be used to make Facebook better.

What Warren Buffet thinks about investing in cryptocurrency
What does the Oracle of Omaha think about cryptocurrency? Warren Buffet is, without doubt, the world’s most sophisticated investor. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has etched his name in the sands of time as an avid reader of market trends and has made a fortune by making smart trading bets.

Warren Buffet in a CNBC interview made his opinion clear on cryptocurrency. He said it has no real value and can’t reproduce. The crypto investor buys the crypto and hopes someone will buy it in the future at a higher value. He stressed that cryptocurrency has zero value.

On whether he owns cryptocurrency, he replied that he doesn’t own one and will never own one.

Warren Buffet’s position on cryptocurrency is very clear here. Not buying, not investing!

What you should know about recent trends in the cryptoverse
A recent drop in cryptocurrency prices jolted its believers into the reality of investing in an unregulated and volatile market. Warren Buffet seems to have the best explanation for this when he stressed that cryptocurrency has no real value.

Analyst speaking on a Saturday Twitter space meeting hosted by Nairametrics Founder also stressed the volatile nature of cryptocurrency and how it has defied analysts’ predictions repeatedly.