Only the Week 8 winner of the Head of House game in the BBNaija is safe from possible eviction this week of the Level Up season and the assistant.

Results for Nominations of Week 8 of Big Brother Naija 2022 are here as all the housemates finish their regular live nominations of season 7.

The nomination was completed successfully as the housemates went inside the dairy room to nominate fellow housemates, as gathered In The Reality TV Show.

Housemates with the least votes stand a chance to be evicted from the reality come this Sunday. Make sure you vote to save your favourite housemate.

Unlike when the HoH only nominates the housemates for possible eviction, now all the housemates have to nominate each other for possible eviction.

Nomination Result for Week 8 in BBNaija 2022
Below is the housemates nominated during tonight’s live nomination show in Big Brother Naija 2022.


1. Adekunle Sheggz , Bella & Dotun
2. Chizzy Hermes, Adekunle & Chichi (NULL)
3. Daniella Hermes, Rachel, & Bella
4. Rachel Hermes, Sheggz & Allysyn (NULL)
5. Dotun Rachel, Adekunle & Hermes
6. Bryann Hermes, Adekunle & Bella
7. Bella Daniella, Rachel & Hermes
8. Sheggz Rachel, Chichi & Adekunle
9. Hermes Sheggz, Bella & Rachel
10. Groovy Allysyn, Chichi & Dotun
11. Allysyn Bella, Sheggz & Adekunle
12. Chichi Sheggz, Hermes & Bryann
13. Phyna Sheggz, Bella & Adekunle

Housemates Up For Eviction On Sunday:

Adekunle, Bella, Hermes, Dotun, Chichi, Sheggz, Rachel

Phyna, Use Her Veto Power To Do Save And Replace.

She Save Chichi And Replace Her With Allyson.

The Final Result Is Out.

The Follow People Are Up For Possible Eviction On Sunday

Adekunle, Hermes, Bella, Dotun, Sheggz, Rachel, Allyson


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