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Latest Npower Discussion Group Post of today tuesday September 6th 2022, we will be discussing issues relating to Npower stipends payment and stream 2 posting so read on.

Few days ago, the Management of Npower apologize to batch C1 beneficiaries that are having payment-related issues for the inconveniences this must have caused them.

According to Npower, in as much as June, July and August stipend will soon be initiated, Npower Technical Team is working tirelessly to resolve issue of unpaid stipends, and they are committed to ensuring that you receive your payments soon.

For the Npower batch C stream 2 deployment, we noticed that a lot of you are complaining because of the difficulty in downloading your deployment letter. Note that Npower is still in the posting process and as such you may see blank page when trying to download posting letter at this period.

Npower discussion group advice to you is to wait patiently for the management of Npower to give an official statement regarding Npower batch C stream 2 deployment, posting which we believe they will at the right time.


Meanwhile, as an Npower beneficiary, the Nasims self-service dashboard is your key to information. Check-in frequently for new changes.

Latest Npower Discussion Group Post of today

Npower Batch C1 Beneficiaries Request an Extension of the Exit Date in Today’s Latest Npower News for Tuesday, August 2, 2022. On the Npower discussion group, news of their appeal is also shared.

NPower batch C stream 2 is requesting that their posting be withdrawn, whereas batch C stream 1 is requesting a service extension. Aside from encouraging recipients to be patient, Npower management has made no public announcements regarding the extension of the stream l program or stream 2 posting.

Npower sincerely apologizes for any trouble this has caused its batch C1 beneficiaries who are encountering payment issues. The Npower Technical Team is dedicated to ensuring that your payments arrive as soon as possible and is working tirelessly to find a solution.

Npower batch C stream 1 Extension News

There’s no 6 month extension for Npower Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries.

NASIMS management urged beneficiaries to avoid fake news. NASIMS said they have not received an order to extend the Npower batch C stream 1 programme by six months.

The latest NPower news on the June stipend payment date is that NASIMS management has not activated the payment. The news circulating that NASIMS management has commenced payment of the June stipend is fake news and should be disregarded.

Npower News on Payment Issues

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this has caused any of you who are experiencing payment issues.

Our Technical Team is working hard to resolve this, and they are dedicated to ensuring that you receive your payments as quickly as possible.

We understand and sympathize with you. We understand how aggravating this can be.

Thank you for sticking with us this far and for your contributions to the country. This is not something we take for granted.

NPower June Stipend Payment Date

In today’s Npower News, NASIMS management has not stated when it will activate or begin the process of Npower batch C stream 1 June Salary payment.

GoldenNewsNg reports that NASIMS management has reactivate the payment of failed May stipends to Beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, NASIMS management has assured beneficiaries that their May Stipend will be pay.

The administration of Npower also stated that all backlog stipends would be cleared in due course. People who are having trouble with their last payment should contact NASIMS support with a copy of their bank statement that shows when the payment was started.

The good news now is that NASIMS management has officially begun crediting Npower batch C Stream 1 Beneficiaries’ accounts with May Salary.

This was contained in an official Facebook post, made by NASIMS management. “Good morning, May stipend is currently going on. Kindly stay tuned for more information.”

Also, the payment of May stipend to beneficiaries was confirmed by our users who gave our correspondent access to his Npower dashboard and also sent us a screenshot of the credit alert.

NASIMS to Begin Crediting of Npower Beneficiaries’ account.

In today’s Npower Stipend news, NASIMS management has said that the crediting of Npower batch C stream 1 beneficiaries’ account will commence today, Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

The crediting of accounts would have commenced on Wednesday, July 11, but was delayed due to the public holiday announced for Wednesday and Tuesday.

Anyone who hasn’t received their March or April stipends should get in touch with NASIMS management.
NASIMS Commences Payment of Npower May Stipend

The good news now is that NASIMS management has started paying the Npower May Stipend to Batch C Stream 1 beneficiaries. This is according to the most recent Npower news released by NASIMS management.

Has FG stopped Paying NPower stipends?

Is the FG no longer paying NPower stipends? Beneficiaries who are interested in the Npower Stipend payment should be aware that it has not been discontinued. April, May, and June payments will be made soon.

In addition, to assuage your interest about the Npower batch C stream 2 stipend payment date, I will state that no specific date has been set. What we do know is that you will begin earning stipends in the month after your return to your assigned PPA.

Date of deployment of Npower batch C stream 2

The newest batch C stream 2 news from N Power News is that NASIMS management has stated that the Deployment (PPA) for Stream 2 beneficiaries would begin soon.

The management advised shortlisted candidates to dismiss any news that claimed beneficiaries were being surreptitiously posted.

Nasim’s Portal is now fully operational.

The NASIMS Portal is now available to all Npower beneficiaries, according to the most recent Npower update.