A Catholic parish priest has sent parishioners back from the early Sunday mass they came for without entering the church over PVC.


Catholic priest, yet to be identified, in Lagos, disallowed members of the church from entering the church building for Sunday mass without showing their Permanent Voters Card, PVC.


In the video trending on Twitter, the parish priest could be seen standing at the door of the church building addressing the church members outside that the time has come for action to back up speeches.

The Catholic priest in the video said the catholic church has a large number of worshippers, but unfortunately, the large number is not being used to effect needed changes in the country.

He maintained that the number that has not been put to use by the church has contributed to bad leaders being elected into positions in the country.

The priest insisted that only parishioners who have their PVCs shall enter the church building to join in the mass celebration.


In the video, parishioners who had their PVCs were to raise them up and show the priest who stood at the entrance door, before they could pass.


The Catholic priest action is coming one week after alleged Fulani herdsmen invaded, St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, during Pentecost mass, and killed 50 worshippers.




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