JAMB Result Portal 2022 Checker Login via portal.jamb.gov.ng – JAMB result checking portal can be accessed below.

JAMB Result Portal 2022: See how to login to the JAMB result checking portal to check your JAMB exam result for your 2022 UTME, and how to check your JAMB result and print result, via portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/CheckUTMEResults.

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You can now access your 2022 JAMB UTME Results via SMS or ONLINE. Kindly follow the steps outlined below to access your UTME score.

Follow the 4 simple steps below to check your 2022 JAMB UTME result online without a scratch card i.e. FREE!

JAMB Result Portal 2022

The JAMB 2022 result checking portal is https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/CheckUTMEResults

Kindly click on the link, and input your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address in the required column.

How to Check JAMB Results 2022 Online

Kindly visit the JAMB result checking portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults.

Input your Registration Number/Phone Number in the required column

Finally, Click on the ‘Check My Results’ button to access your UTME results notification

How Do I Check My JAMB Result 2022? JAMB Result Portal 2022 Checker Login

There are several ways to check your JAMB result, you can check your  JAMB UTME result with your registration number and also check your JAMB score offline via SMS without your registration number.

How To Check JAMB Result With Phone Number

1. JAMB Result with Phone Number 2022:

2. Go to JAMB Result Checker with Phone Number portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults.

3. Enter your Phone Number in the required column.

4. Click on ‘Check My Results’.

5. The portal will load your result if it’s ready.

Kindly visit the JAMB result checking portal via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility_/CheckUTMEResults. Input your JAMB Registration Number/ Registered number in the required column. Finally, click on ‘Check My Results’, your JAMB Score will display afterward.

JAMB statement on JAMB Result 2022

The statement reads: “To check the 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result, all a candidate needs to do is to simply send UTMERESULT to 55019 using the same phone number that he/she had used for registration and the result would be returned as a text message. This is the only process of checking the 2022 UTME results for now as the Board has not uploaded it on its website for obvious reasons.

Here is how to Check JAMB result 2022 Using SMS…

*To check the 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) result, all you need to do is to send UTMERESULT to 55019 using the same phone number that he/she had used for registration.

Jamb.org.ng result portal not opening: JAMB Result Portal 2022 Checker Login

If you are asking why the JAMB portal is not opening, then here is the reason: Jamb.org.ng is the website that was always used for checking results in previous years. But in 2022 JAMB, things changed. JAMB has decided to use portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility for candidates to check their JAMB 2022 Result.

So if you are having this issue of the portal not opening, simply go to the new jamb result checker portal www.portal.jamb.gov.ng_/ check UTME results 2022 and you should be able to access your result very easily.

Can I Check JAMB Result 2022 On Phone?

Yes, you are free to check your result on phone as far as it has been released online for checking.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using android or iPhone or even your browser, just use the link to check UTME results which I dropped above.

The only thing is that you can’t print your result slip out using your phone, but you can save it as a PDF then take it to any cyber cafe near you for printing (this will reduce the cost).

How to Check JAMB Result 2022 Online Via SMS

All candidates can now send UTMERESULT, via SMS, to 55019 using the same number that was used for registration (you must have a credit balance of at least N50 on your line). The result would be replied to you as an SMS shortly after.

The following are the responses to be expected:

    1. If a candidate uses a phone number that was not used to register, a message will be sent to him thus: ‘This phone number was not used for registration.”
    2. A candidate with a result will receive the message: “Dear Mr/Miss X, your result is as follows… (and the details will be provided).
  1. If a result is withheld, a “Result Withheld” message will be sent to the candidate.
  2. If a candidate belongs to the category being given the benefit of the doubt, the message to the person will be: “Result withheld pending the upload of clarifications/document required from you.”
  3. If a candidate was absent, s/he would get “CANDIDATE ABSENT” as feedback
  4. A candidate that was ABSENT WITH REGISTRATION NUMBER also CANCELLED will be so informed.
  5. “Invalid Entrance into the Exam Hall” will be sent to a candidate who gained unauthorized access to the examination hall.

How Many Times Can I Check My JAMB Result?

You can check your result on the JAMB results checker portal unlimited times (as much as you want).

There are no restrictions or limits for checking results on www.jamb.gov.ng or www.jamb.org.ng (JAMB’s former website domain).

The same thing applies to the printing of the original UTME results, you can print as much as you need, provided you have a lot of money to spend since printing is now expensive in Nigeria.

Can I Print my JAMB result by myself Online?


JAMB Result Portal 2022 Checker Login Via portal.jamb.gov.ng - JAMB Result Checking Portal

Immediately JAMB portal is activated for checking of results then you can print your results.

All you need is your jamb registration number, most times you will need to login into your jamb portal to make a print, like original results etc.

Has JAMB result 2022 been released?

As of now, the 2022 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination result is yet to be released.

The board is still verifying the result and checking if any candidate involves in malpractice.

However, the majority of the students who sat for the exam haven’t been able to access their results.

Are you among those who are yet to check and print their results? Worry less you are at the right place.

How long does it take for jamb results 2022 to be out?

jamb results are expected or are usually released at least 48 hours after the results. But sometimes what causes delays is simply jamb trying to maintain credibility.

Let’s try to understand that some irregularities sometimes occur in some centers but most of these centers are being rounded up and delisting.
But when there are recorded or sensed abnormalities like malpractice, the result will be delayed until all abnormalities are corrected and those who practice examination malpractice are completely fished out.

They will also announce the number of those results withheld as a result of examination malpractice and other offensive actions carried out by students.

After all, actions are carried out against the culprits, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will announce the release of the results and they will give provide important stats on the number of students who failed or passed.

I didn’t see my 2022/2023 JAMB results after sending RESULT to 55019:

There are some possible reasons why you couldn’t get your result which I am going to explain here.

  • First, make sure the sim you are making use of is the same SIM used in registering JAMB and your profile.
  • Ensure that the SIM has a minimum balance of 50 naira.
  • Ensure you type the word RESULT in capital letter

I want to check my jamb result via jamb portal 2022/2023

One of the fascinating things about checking your result on the jamb portal is that it gives you a complete breakdown and also gives you the option to print out your result in an acceptable format.

To make things easy for all Jambites — as students who sat for the UTME exam are fondly called —

The Board has put in place two platforms where you can easily check your result without hitches. These procedures include; the use of the UTME result checker and Short Message Service (SMS).

Meanwhile, Newsone notes that all candidates that were able to check their results via 55019 must still check their results on the jamb portal as the SMS/TEXT message format is only for an emergency.


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