Best SEO tips and how to rank on Google SERP for 2021 are terms are you probably searched for  right?

To get to the article, you must have searched exact match words or related keyword phrases.

Without wasting any more of your time since I know you came here for solutions – nothing else.

Optimizing your website and ranking your site on Google requires planning, monitoring and keen attention to details.

First things first, set up SEO tools to use.’ Do this before  while developing your website and before going LIVE.

SEO tools 2021 for best results 

  1. Setup your SEMRUSH account – With SEMrush you can monitor your run competition analysis, keyword research, build your backlink profile while also monitoring your Google SERP ranking.
  2. Get AHREFs account to monitor your Domain Authority ( DA ). Your DA is important as it gives an idea of how authoritative your website is. The domain authority is measured by from 0-100, if you have a DA of 50%, your site will be given preferential treatment and loved by the Search Engines such as Google and BING.  These two SEO tools can be used for now. There many other SEO tips and tools for optimizing, but you just cannot spread yourself too thin.
  3. Google Search Console ( GSC ) You need to set this up to monitor the health of your website. In fact, SEMRUSH will have to be connected to your GSC account in order for you to have all your monitoring in one place.
  4. Next is the Google Analytics ( GA ) with which you monitor traffic inflow, bounce rate, exit rate , content performance and more.

Now that you have all these optimization tools set up, you can now run your keyword discovery to identify branded keywords, user intent keywords and industry specific keywords you want to rank for.

Once identified, segment the keywords into Primary and Secondary Keywords.

SEO On-Page Optimization Techniques

The primary keywords should be used in strategic points on your website. For instance if you run a tech blog in Nigeria, you may want to rank for ‘top tech blog in Nigeria’ and use this as your primary keyword.

Now this primary key phrase should be used in your site title and across your pages including tag line.

The secondary keywords which can pass as latent semantic index ( LSI ) can be used additionally.

All contents on your page should be linked one to another to help the Google robot understand  your site’s structure.

For each page of your website, you should have unique meta description per category or  per product page, in case of an e-commerce website.

Every image should have an SEO optimized alt text.

When you post content, remember to follow the regular practice of : 

Having your keywords start the article and end it and also sprinkled across the article with medium density.

You should also ensure that the keyword is in the title, URL, and if possible combine both internal linking with outbound linking.

OFF-PAGE SEO Optimization Tips in 2021

This very important, to say the least. When properly done, you could get your Page rank and domain authority high to show how important your website is.

To increase your pagerank, you will need to use anchor text in your content, write catchy titles and generally increase the rate of your publication of shareable and clickable contents.

You should reach out to reputable bloggers to get DOFOLLOW backlinks from them  to increase the authority of your website.

In link building there is the giver and taker – the giver is the one helping the taker – both benefits.

For linkbuilding technique to be effective, the backlink should be as natural as it can be to avoid suspicion.


This is also known as Pay Per Click ( PPC ) advertising. This technique can be used by any website – old or new to bid for competitive keywords that has high volume of user intent search.

When done properly, you get alot of paid traffic and you do not pay until someone clicks on the AD.

This AD comes before the the organic links on GOOGLE SERP and the potential of click-through is higher.


Also, ensure your outbound links are not always DOFOLLOW but NOFOLLOW – they should just be ordinary referral links. If you have a monetary agreement with a publisher or advertiser, your anchor text and link should be NOFOLLOW according to Google standard.

This tells Google that the back link should carry no SEO value.

If the source is deserving of credit, you can leave the link as DOFOLLOW without adding the extra piece of code that makes it NOFOLLOW.

These are just few white hat SEO Tips for 2021 which you can use in your journey as SEO.



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