FG Has Taken Fresh Decision On Banned Emirates Airlines In Nigeria.


President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has announced the reversal of suspension it earlier slammed Emirates Airlines.


This online news platform gathered the reversal notice was contained in a statement signed by the director-general of the NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu, the NCAA few hours after announcing the suspension of Emirates Airlines in Nigeria.

” The Presidential Task Force (PTF) of COVID19 was made aware of the requirement by Emirates airlines and KLM for passengers travelling from Nigeria on their flights to Dubai and Amsterdam to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test (RDT) Four (4) hours from the time of flights departure.

This requirement is in addition to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test done 72 hours from the date of departure by passengers.

“The implementation of the additional requirement by the Two (2) airlines was commenced without the prior notification or approval of the PTF and other regulatory bodies in Nigeria. This led to the provision of RDT testing by organizations and Laboratories that have not been approved by the PTF and other Regulatory agencies for RDTat or around our international airports in Lagos and Abuja.

“The PTF upon review of the situation directed the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to inform the airlines to either suspend the requirement for pre-departure RDT or their flights to the country until such a time when the required infrastructure and logistics have been put in place for RDT by the Government.

“Emirates Airlines, however, continued their operations requiring passengers to carry out the RDT test Six (6) hours from the time-of-flight departure from Nigeria.

The PTF, therefore, directed for the immediate suspension of Emirates Airlines operations to Nigeria effective 4th February 2021 until when the needed infrastructure and logistics are put in place for the RDT test by the Nigerian Government.

Emirates Airlines on 5th February 2021 informed the NCAA in writing that the UAE Government has given the airline approval to suspend the pre-departure RDT requirement for passengers travelling on their flight to Dubai.

Following the agreement by the Dubai authorities to suspend the pre-departure RDT requirement for Nigerian passengers travelling on their flight to Dubai, the NCAA has therefore informed as follows that: “Emirates Airlines no longer requires passengers to carry out pre-departure RDT.

No laboratory has been approved by the PTF and other regulatory agencies to carry out RDT for incoming or departing passengers.


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